ENG 101 : Composition I: College Writing

College-Composition I provides students an opportunity to develop and reflect on their own process of writing through various stages of planning, composing, revising, and editing. In addition, students learn how to formulate and support a thesis using a number of rhetorical strategies, to engage in the research process and to practice critical reading strategies for the purpose of documenting credible sources to support claims. Students write in accordance with the conventions of written English and incorporate digital tools and technologies. Prerequisite(s): A passing score on the College's writing and reading placement tests; a CC or better on ENG 091; corequisite enrollment, or prior completion of ENG 092; or recommendation of ESL 124 or ESL 126 Writing Portfolio. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Critical Thinking and Written Communication.
1. Write using different stages of the writing process, from prewriting through composing and revising. Develop individual writing processes unique to the student and writing purpose, and demonstrate the ability to reflect on those writing processes. 2. Demonstrate the ability to compose using digital tools and technologies. 3. Apply rhetorical knowledge, including audience awareness, purpose, appropriate conventions of written English, and approaches, related to various writing tasks. 4. Develop active reading practices with diverse texts to identify rhetorical features, articulate what they have read, and expand their knowledge base. 5. Engage in a research process to develop, explore, and address meaningful questions. Locate, evaluate, summarize, integrate, and document credible primary and/or secondary sources for support or inquiry.





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