Spanish/English Community Interpreting Certificate

Program Statement

This certificate prepares bilingual students (Spanish and English) to work as interpreters in various community settings, particularly medical and legal. The instructional practices and learning experiences are designed to develop students’ specialized vocabulary and communicative skills while familiarizing them with professional interpretation and translation ethics, standards, and practices.

Program Information

  • Interpreters are required to demonstrate written and oral fluency in both English and Spanish by taking a written and oral exam before being accepted to the program.
  • A passing score on the written and oral Spanish exams are prerequisites to HUM 156.
  • ENG 101 is a co-requisite of HUM 156.
  • Students with prior experience as interpreters should consult with the program director to discuss Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) credits.
  • All courses may be applied to an Associate in Science in General Studies, Humanities and Arts Studies.

After Bristol

  • Continue their professional development through training programs, specialized certifications, and seminars-including those offered by the National Council of Interpreting in Health Care.
  • Students with a bachelor’s degree can prepare to apply and work with the Trial Court Office of Language Access (OLA).
  • Start a professional service business.
  • Discuss work benefits improvements in positions that require bilingual knowledge.

Program Learning Outcomes 

Students will be able to:

  1. Provide proficient interpretation and translation.
  2. Show awareness of cultural identity's complexities when interpreting and translating.
  3. Apply a professional code of ethics and standard practice of interpretation and translations.
  4. Be well-informed of the community's needs for interpretation and translation.
Total credits:

Course Sequencing

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Academic Area

Arts and Humanities

Degree Offered

Certificate of Achievement in Spanish/English Community Interpreting

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Program Contact

Alejandro Latinez
Program Coordinator

Jennifer Puniello
Dean of Arts and Humanities


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