HUM 390 : Fieldwork in Interpreting Portuguese/Spanish

This capstone course provides students with actual field experience in the interpreting/translating field in combination with a one-hour professional development seminar in class. Students spend 90 supervised hours in their pre-approved placements. Students are expected to spend approximately 20 hours shadowing a professional interpreter and 70 hours interpreting/ (sight) translating in a community hospital, medical office, human services agency, legal office, court, or institution. The seminar provides students with a safe environment to analyze and reflect on their experiences, performance and progress as well as to prepare for employment. Prerequisites: For Spanish: ENG 101, HUM 156, SPA 321, SPA 322, SPA 353, SPA 354 with a grade of "C" or better; COM 160 and CRJ 101 or CRJ 113 or MAA 101. For Portuguese: ENG 101, HUM 156, POR 321, POR 322, POR 352, POR 353 with a grade of "C" or better; COM 160 and CRJ 101 or CRJ 113 or MAA 101. 3 credits Fall, Spring; not offered every year.
1. Students will be able to effectively interpret face-to-face encounters in one-on-one situations and small groups of different participants. 2. Graduates of the program will be prepared to apply the required professional standards, practices, and ethics, to their work. 3. Students will demonstrate an understanding of multicultural approaches necessary for an effective bi-lingual and bi-cultural practice in their jobs.