ENG 102 : Composition II: Writing about Literature

College Composition II builds upon the critical reading and writing skills learned in ENG 101 while using poetry, drama, and fiction as the primary texts for examination. Using a writing process, students will continue to develop complex and diverse writing projects where synthesis and analysis are emphasized. They will apply terminology and theory to develop literary arguments. In doing so, students will make connections between culturally diverse literature and its relevance to the human experiences in the 21st century. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Critical Thinking and Written Communication.
1. Develop an interpretation of a literary work that uses reasoning and textual evidence to support their claims while using clear Standard Written English and applying MLA style and documentation as needed. 2. Write with an awareness of diverse audiences and a variety or purposes and strengthen their critical thinking, reading, and writing processes. 3. Compose multiple cohesive texts that demonstrate synthesis and analysis. 4. Articulate the relevance and value of literature, making connections between culturally diverse literary works and the world around them. 5. Respond critically to various literary genres through close reading, research, discussion, and written analysis. 6. Apply literary terminology and theory when writing about literature to argue a position based on sound reasoning and convincing textual evidence. 7. Identify and engage with problems and issues across a range of human experience to locate and investigate assumptions.