Native American Studies

Program Goals Statement

The Native American Studies certificate program will allow students to gain a structured understanding of the issues affecting contemporary Native American communities and acquire a broader knowledge of unique cultures rooted in this hemisphere (with an emphasis on the native nations of North America). Native American studies provides students with the opportunity to develop knowledge of the development, growth, and interactions of the indigenous peoples and nations of the Western Hemisphere. This certificate also places emphasis on the Native peoples of the Eastern Woodlands, particularly, the Northeast so that students can be better acquainted with the history, culture, and presence of the First Peoples of New England.

Program Information

  • Students are required to complete a Service-Learning component.
  • Allows students a structured understanding of issues affecting Native American communities.
  • Furthers the college goal to emphasize cultural diversity
  • Embraces sustainability concepts.
  • PSY 261 and SOC 261 require prerequisites of PSY 101 and SOC 101 or a waiver of the requirement
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Course Sequencing

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Degree Offered

Certificate of Achievement in Native American Studies

Program Contact

Kathleen Pearle,

Robyn Worthington,