HST 265 : Immigration and Ethnicity in American History

This course examines the cultural, economic, and political significance of immigration in American history. Students study those forces that have fostered immigration to the United States and how mass immigration has created a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, and culturally diverse society. Students develop the ability to think, read, and write critically and analytically and to understand the various forms of human interaction through a study of the creation and growth of the United States. The course aids students in their efforts to understand the principles of group behavior and how power is wielded in society. Three lecture hours per week. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Human Expression and Multicultural and Social Perspectives.
  1. Recognize that the United States, from its earliest beginnings, has been a racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse nation.
  2. Explain how and why mass immigration has been, and still is, a potent force in shaping the American nation.
  3. Describe the numerous and varied contributions made to American culture by the peoples who have settled in the United States.
  4. Read and write analytically about immigration to the United States.





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