ENG 259 : Native American Novels

Students will read widely different novels by award-winning writers who touch on common themes and concerns of Native American experience, while simultaneously suggesting the diversity of that experience. These Blackfeet, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Chickasaw, Chippewa, Creek, Gros Ventre, Kiowa, Modoc, and Pueblo writers take control of their own image-making as they explore Native American experiences from before the European invasion to the present. Writers include Michael Dorris, Louise Erdrich, N. Scott Momaday, Leslie Marmon Silko, Gerald Vizenor, James Welch, and others. Prerequisite: ENG 102 or permission of instructor. Three class hours a week. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Human Expression and Multicultural and Social Perspectives.
  1. Recognize that Native Americans have had a literature of their own from precolonial times to the present.
  2. Understand that literature by Native American writers both reflects and sustains cultural history.
  3. Identify writing styles and subjects common to literature by Native American writers.
  4. Interpret Native American literature by taking into account the tribal backgrounds and personal experiences of individual Native American writers.
5. Critique their own assumptions about Native Americans through thoughtful study of the literature.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course