CIS 111 : Introduction to Business Information Systems

This course deals with fundamental computer concepts applicable to business and management, including software, problem solving, case studies, business models, and computer systems analysis and design, as well as basic computer applications. Students will use the Microsoft Windows operating system and the current version of Microsoft office. Students will learn to work with a spreadsheet, a database management system, word processing and presentation software and to apply these skills to the functional areas of organizations. Case studies will be drawn from accounting, finance, marketing, information systems, operation management, and other areas of business. Students learn how to use the Web successfully to research information. Basic familiarity with computers is recommended: students without this knowledge should consider taking CIS 110 prior to this course. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Information Literacy.

Recommended Prerequisites:

  1. Utilize email effectively as a means of professional business communication.
  2. Apply effective methods of searching online to conduct course related research.
  3. Effectively create and/or modify business professional documents, spreadsheets, presentations and databases to accomplish business goals.
  4. Utilize case studies and/or business models to enhance problem solving skills through course related assignments.
  5. Apply the skills necessary to prepare for core business classes as well as real-life business situations.
6. Work independently as well as collaborate with others in arriving at applicable solutions.