COM 218 : Business Communication

In this course, students develop the communication skills required in business and industry. Students will learn how to define audiences and purpose, to choose the most effective communication tool for various situations, and to develop effective communications to achieve strategic communication goals. This course familiarizes students with the most prevalent forms of written and oral communication used by organizations to communicate with key stakeholders. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101. Three lecture hours per week. Competency met: Oral Communication.
1. Describe the strategic role of communication in the business environment to achieve professional objectives. 2. Apply critical thinking to evaluate and select appropriate channels/tools to effectively communicate key messages to target audiences. 3. Create reports and proposal using appropriate tone, focus, and format to achieve the desired impact on the target audience(s). 4. Produce and deliver an oral presentation adhering to the fundamental theoretical communication concept of a fully developed message with an introduction, body and conclusion. 5. Develop and implement computer-supported presentation to support or take the place of an in-person oral presentation. 6. Demonstrate an understanding of ethical, legal, and multicultural issues related to communication in the business environment by handling the issues appropriately in written and oral projects.