ART 112 : Drawing II

This course is a continuation of ART 111. This course emphasizes observing and drawing the human form. A live model is studied to express gesture, structure, and movement in space, with objective accuracy and increased ability to visualize a concept as important goals. The techniques and media explored in ART 111 are applied to the figure, including pencil, charcoal, conte, ink, wash, and pastels. Prerequisite: ART 111 with a grade of C- or better, or permission of the instructor. Three hours of critique and three hours studio per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Human Expression.
  1. Demonstrate increased proficiency in observational drawing skills introduced in Drawing I; specifically line, value, perspective and composition.
  2. Draw the figure from life.
  3. Demonstrate an introductory knowledge of figure drawing that focuses on gesture, proportion, and Gross Anatomy.
  4. Create a portfolio that expands on the skills introduced in Drawing I.
  5. Critically analyze figure drawings.





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