ART 112 : Drawing II

This course is a continuation of ART 111. This course emphasizes observing and drawing the human form. A live model is studied to express gesture, structure, and movement in space, with objective accuracy and increased ability to visualize a concept as important goals. The techniques and media explored in ART 111 are applied to the figure, including pencil, charcoal, conte, ink, wash, and pastels. Two hours critique and four hours studio a week. Competency met: Humanities (6.0) Spring


ART 111 with a grade of C- or higher or permission of the instructor.
  1. Demonstrate increased proficiency in observational drawing skills introduced in Drawing I; specifically line, value, perspective and composition.
  2. Draw the figure from life.
  3. Demonstrate an introductory knowledge of figure drawing that focuses on gesture, proportion, and Gross Anatomy.
  4. Create a portfolio that expands on the skills introduced in Drawing I.
  5. Critically analyze figure drawings.




Instructional support fee applies.

Degrees/Certificates That Require Course