MAA 209 : Medical Office Portfolio Development

This course prepares medical office students for employment. Students identify their short- and long-term goals and work on developing their strengths and minimizing weaknesses. Students attend workshops for career research and dressing for success. Students create a resume, cover letter, and reference list, and practice job interviewing techniques. A comprehensive portfolio is created to include the above topics as well as sample work from various courses taken in their program, activities in critical thinking, communication skills, and current events in job placement. Pre or co-requisite: MAA 205 or permission of the instructor. One lecture hour per week.
  1. Accurately develop a portfolio that contains an effective resume, cover letter, reference list, and thank-you letter for job interviewing.
  2. Identify short and long-term career goals and identify ways to reach those goals.
  3. Identify a career of interest and research it on a reliable Web site.
  4. Effectively explore interview techniques for a successful job interview.
  5. Develop effective techniques for a “mini” interview at a job fair.
  6. Correctly identify the process of filling out job applications both on line and in hard copy.
  7. Explore ways to effectively time-manage to avoid stress on the job.
  8. Effectively prepare for and participate in a “mock” interview on campus.
  9. Effectively explore the option of how to obtain part-time work through an employment agency while waiting for a full-time job opportunity.
  1. Develop an accurate plan for obtaining employment utilizing outside resources.
  1. Develop an accurate plan for obtaining employment through BCC Alumni opportunities as a graduate of the College.
12. Identify and discuss (in groups) real work-place issues and how they can be rectified ethically.