HOS 137 : Events Managment and Marketing

This course examines the social and economic impact of events planning. Current trends, styles of operations, event coordination, and quality service standards are addressed. The importance of risk management and crisis management in events planning is emphasized. Final project will consist of planning and executing an event. Prerequisite(s): HOS 121 with a grade of C+ or better. Three lecture hours per week. 3 credits Fall, Spring
1. Identify and arrange the implementation of all essential utility and marketing needs. 2. Identify the staging and equipment needs to facilitate the functional requirements of the event. 3. Select the designs, equipment, and providers for the illumination and decorative lighting needs of an event. 4. Identify the food and beverage needs of the audience, participants, staff, and other stakeholders at an event. 5. Identify, analyze, and prepare response plans for risks associated with the event project. 6. Prepare reports that facilitate the timely and efficient distribution of information to event stakeholders. 7. Integrate the various perspectives of sustainability into event planning.





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