EGR 103 : Computer Skills for Engineers and Technicians

This course is an introduction to the personal computer and its application to engineering and technical communication and problem solving. Topics include Windows, email communication, Web-based research, word processing, computer graphics, spreadsheets, and presentation software. Students develop the computer skills necessary for successful academic and professional careers, including the creation of effective technical messages, reports and presentations using charts, equations, graphs, scanned information, and transferred data, as well as problem solving using integrated flowchart analysis concepts. Three class hours a week in the CAD lab. Instructional Support Fee applies. NOTE: Utilizes Windows based software Mac versions available. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Information Literacy.

1. Navigate in a Microsoft Windows environment. 2. Choose various modes of communication, such as social, hangout/Skype, calendars and educational web platforms (e-learning/e-portfolio) to effectively corroborate and schedule with teammates and instructors within the BCC electronic classroom. 3. Research engineering and technology topics using web-based resources. 4. Produce written engineering documents, such as lab reports and technical papers, using word processing software. 5. Setup spreadsheets and create graphs. 6. Produce illustration using computer graphics from within a word processor. 7. Create presentation utilizing images and data from other sources. 8. Demonstrate problem solving skills using computer solutions.