Deaf Studies Prep

Program Goals Statement

This certificate program is designed for students interested in American Sign Language and the lives of Deaf people. It is a great collection of gateway Deaf Studies courses for students in non-Deaf Studies degree programs that seek specialized skills and knowledge in a competitive job market. It is also an effective way to decide if Deaf Studies is a major one wants to pursue. This certificate does not lead to employment.

Program Information

  • This certificate program is a good choice for Deaf Studies students wishing to explore their program of study and career options while they complete developmental work.
  • Students are encouraged to be active in our ASL/Deaf Studies club and are required to be active in the Deaf community.
  • Students will spend an additional hour per week engaged in language lab activities with each ASL course taken.
Total credits:

Course Sequencing






Degree Offered

Certificate of Accomplishment in Deaf Studies Prep

Program Contact

Jennifer Puniello, Interim Dean

Sandra Lygren
Co-Program Coordinator

Dana Schlang
Co-Program Coordinator