ASL 102 : Elementary American Sign Language II

Building on the foundation of Elementary American Sign Language I (ASL 101), the language used by the American Deaf community and parts of Anglophone Canada, students further develop visual-spatial orientation and using their face and body expressively. They continue to acquire targeted vocabulary and grammatical features needed to discuss interpersonal topics with more depth and elaboration. This course also focuses on the refinement and consistent use of vocabulary and grammar skills already acquired. Students develop conversational abilities that are more natural, confident and spontaneous while demonstrating sophisticated, culturally appropriate behaviors. Lessons are presented in a meaningful/functional context that often require participation with other students or the whole class. Receptive (what you understand) skills are emphasized; however, expressive (what/how you sign) skills are practiced and assessed, as well, Cultural aspects of the diverse Deaf community are explored through literature and required community events. All of our ASL courses are taught using a signing-immersion approach to promote best learning outcomes. Prerequisite(s): ASL 101. Three class hours and one language lab hour per week. Competency met: Human Expression
1 .Produce targeted vocabulary alone and within elaborated phrases, sentences, questions and short narratives with correct parameters and mouth morphemes. 2. Comprehend targeted vocabulary alone and within elaborated phrases, sentences, questions and short narratives produced by native ASL signers 3. Demonstrate proper use of grammatical features within dialogues and short narratives, including but not limited to, specific skills such as basic classifiers, non-manual markers, topic-comment structures, and temporal aspect. 4. Create content specific, spontaneous utterances beyond the 2 -3 word sentence level that include proper facial expression. 5. Apply cultural awareness and cultural competence to new social situations within the diverse Deaf community.