ASL 102 : Elementary American Sign Language II

A continuation of ASL 101, this course continues student development of visual-spatial orientation, face and body expression, vocabulary and grammar. Lessons are presented in a meaningful/functional context. Analysis of expressive (what/ how you sign) skills is explored, however, receptive (what you understand) skills are emphasized. Cultural aspects of the Deaf community are explored through literature and community events. Three class hours and one lab hour per week. Competency met: Humanities (6.0). Spring


  1. Sustain conversations and/or present information in American Sign Language.
  2. Create, perform and digitally record original narratives, as well as re-telling of narrative models.
  3. Examine the self-perceptions and identity formation of culturally Deaf individuals.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of ASL syntax.
  5. Practice successful ASL active-learning behaviors.




Instructional support fee applies.

Degrees/Certificates That Require Course