CIS 160 : The Microcomputer Environment

This course covers the operating system requirements for the CompTIA A+ certification. It concentrates on file and memory management using the diagnostic and troubleshooting tools available in the operating systems covered. The course also covers installation, configuration, and upgrading of the three operating systems. Competency met: Technical Literacy (8.0) Fall, Spring


CIS 121 or permission of the instructor.


CIS 121 or permission of the instructor.

  1. Compare and contrast the features and requirements of various operating systems, including Windows and Linux.
  2. Install or upgrade and configure each operating system using the most appropriate method.
  3. Implement security best practices to secure a client workstation.
  4. Setup, configure and troubleshoot Windows networking on a client/desktop and secure SOHO wire and wireless network.
  5. Troubleshoot hard drives and RAID arrays, common video and display issues, operating system problems, and common security issues using appropriate tools and best practices.
  6. Install and configure basic applications on the workstation.




Instructional support fee applies.

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