CIS 122 : Internet Developer

The course emphasizes the technical design, development, and implementation of effective Web sites, and students learn what makes a Web site work effectively. The course teaches XHTML, HTML, and CSS and introduces JavaScript. It also introduces software to develop and maintain web sites. Students develop and maintain their own web sites using these development techniques. In addition, students learn to work effectively with Internet navigation, access tools, and analyze the techniques to attract viewers to their web sites. Instructional Support Fee. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Critical Thinking and Information Literacy.
  1. Effectively use the Internet to access the tools and information to assist in creating a web presence to meet complex requirements.
  2. Design a web site with the flow and design to effectively meet client needs.
  3. Develop, and maintain an effective web site using the current version of HTML and CSS.
  4. Implement basic programming techniques of sequence, selection and repetition using JavaScript which will allow for interactivity and decision responses at the web site.





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