BUS 155 : Business Ethics

This course is an examination of the moral, legal, and social dimensions of decision making in business-related situations. Actual business cases are analyzed in terms of morality, legality and social considerations. The course will provide students with multifaceted views, allowing them in their analysis to come to business decisions that incorporate ethical standards. Three lecture hours per week. Competency met: Ethical Dimensions (7.0) 3 credits Fall, Spring, Summer
1.Explain how factors of culture, economics, legal requirements, political activity, technology, the internet and the news media affect the operation of organizations in a global environment. 2. Demonstrate the skills needed to develop ideas and make decisions based on ethics, proper research, analysis, and critical thinking. 3. Explain the relationship of business, government, and society. 4. Explain the stakeholder approach to business, society, and ethics. 5. Demonstrate the interpersonal skills to communicate effectively through operating in teams, writing, participating in classroom discussions, and in-class presentations.





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