THE 290 : Theatre Capstone

Students will pull together a portfolio documenting all of the required production work done in the Bristol Theatre Program including acting, directing, stage-managing, designing, playwriting, run-crews, and front-of-the-house. Students will be asked to include written critiques and reflections of their work, pictures, video, sound recordings, scripts, prompt books, or anything that reflects the work done in their time at Bristol. Students will defend their work after a final presentation at the end of the semester. Prerequisite(s): THE 101, THE 102, THE 112, THE 113, THE 117, THE 118, THE 124, THE 136, and THE 212.
Students will be able to: 1. Critique current and past work, and strategize for future success. 2. Explain artistic intent and describe artistic outcome. 3. Draw connections between various experiences and synthesize meaning from them. 4. Describe future intent and discuss the process to achieve stated goals. 5. Demonstrate participation in Bristol Theatre Program productions: acting work, design work, and/or stage management of at least three productions. Run-Crew for at least one production.