THE 212 : Acting: Voice, Movement, and Style

Students will explore how an actor uses an awareness of self to build up to the vocal, physical, and stylistic demands of the text and the character. Students will engage in vocal and physical exercises that increase resonance, relaxation, balance, flexibility and sensitivity to impulse and the imagination. The class will focus on scenes, monologues, and projects that deal with heightened language and situations, such as material by Shakespeare, Brecht, Churchill, Ionesco, and Albee. Three lecture hours per week. Fall

Students will be able to:

  1. Perform techniques that eliminate unnecessary tension and increase vocal resonance. 
  2. Demonstrate increase balance, flexibility, and range of motion in comparison to student's original capacity.  
  3. Align vocal and physical expression with the moment-to-moment reality on stage.
  4. Apply personal motivations to the performance of specified plays and characters.  
  5. Apply Viewpoints work, the Michael Chekhov Technique, and Linklater Voice work to the performance of specified plays and characters.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course