THE 127 : Scenic and Lighting Design

This course gives students a basic understanding of scenic and lighting design for the stage. Students will be exposed to the design process by analyzing texts, finding visual research, and discovering how to synthesize a personal vision with a director’s vision. Through individual and collaborative assignments and projects students will create ground-plans, lighting plots, sketches, models and other design elements of the world of the play. An introduction to basic drafting principles will also be covered. Three lecture hours per week. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Human Expression.
Students will be able to: 1. Research plays in order to support lighting and scenic design choices. 2. Create a design concept. 3. Create a lighting plot for a play. 4. Create a sketch, ground-plan, and model of a set for a play. 5. Draft appropriate design paperwork. 6. Evaluate a theatre production process.