THE 117 : Theatre History - The Early Years

This course looks at the evolution of theatre from Ancient Greece to the 17th Century. It is designed for students to be able to draw connections between the issues, beliefs, ideas, and values in various cultures' theatres, and how they have developed through history. There will be reading and some short lectures followed by discussions and in-class exercises. A focus will be placed in examining how the institution of the theatre is a product of, and in service of, the society in which it exists. Competency met: Humanities. Three lecture hours per week. Fall


A passing score on the College's English and reading placement tests or C or better or concurrent enrollment in ENG 091 or ENG 092. 

  1. Explain connections between human behaviors and historical texts (using both primary and secondary sources).
  2. Analyze the techniques of the theatre practitioners of the past and draw connections between various styles of theatre now and through the centuries.
  3. Identify how theatrical values, belief systems, and institutions have evolved over time, and evaluate their significance and relationship to each other and society.
  4. Identify how theatre reflects the values, belief systems, and institutions of each society in which it is created.
  5. Compare and contrast their own cultural perspectives and alternative global perspectives by analyzing specific characters from classical plays from various cultures.





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