THE 113 : Acting: Scene Study

Designed to prepare the actor to work with the actual text of a play. Scenes will be analyzed from the actor's point of view for meaning and interpretation, character development, physical choices, emotional preparation, and clarity of performance. Scenes will be performed in class. THE 101 and THE 112 recommended, but not required. Three lecture hours per week. Competency met: Humanities. Spring
  1. Construct a three dimensional physical space that the actor can inhabit.
  2. Analyze plays in order to make specific and detailed acting choices.
  3. Create a character that reconciles the actor's personal worldview and the worldview of their character, as well as the time, place, and cultural realities of the world
  4. of the play when working on a scene .
  5. Act in proper in adjustment to the play, the world of the play, and the moment-to-moment logic of the play.
  6. Justify their choices, both verbally, and in writing.





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