THE 112 : Introduction to Acting

This course consists of exercises that are designed to provide foundational techniques in the craft of acting. Students will develop the ability to actively listen, pursue characters' objectives in imaginary circumstances, focus, concentrate, relax, increase sensory and emotional awareness, and apply analytical and instinctive methodologies in order to make risky, bold and interesting acting choices. Three lecture hours per week. Competency met: Humanities; Oral Communication. Fall
  1. Listen and respond appropriately to relevant stimulus.
  2. Analyze plays in order to identify the actions, objectives, circumstances (personal and cultural), core issues, character's worldview, and story structure, and then
  3. communicate this analysis verbally, in writing, and through performance.
  4. Execute the character's actions in proportion to the given circumstances.
  5. Embody the behavior of the character to reveal circumstances and story.
  6. Appropriately create the behavior of the character by using the personal feelings, perceptions and behavior of the actor.





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