THE 110 : Musical Theatre Performance

This course gives students the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of acting as it pertains to musical theatre performance. Students will look at the history, style, and structure of musical theatre, and be able to analyze scores for meaning and interpretation, develop characters, prepare emotionally, and increase physical expression. Up-tempo and ballad solos as well as duets, trios, or quartets will be performed in class. An ensemble number with beginner’s choreography will also be explored and rehearsed in class. Three lecture hours per week. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Human Expression.
Students will be able to: 1. Identify the various styles of musical theatre, from English operetta and Jazz Age to rock/pop and jukebox. 2. Discuss the ways in which style is manifested through performance. 3. Identify the structural elements of a musical. 4. Make appropriate performance choices based on the world of the play. 5. Analyze the character, action, and circumstances within musical theatre scores and choreography.