THE 102 : Theatre Colloquium

This CSS, College Success Seminar, course will consist of seminars, visiting artist talks, and workshops to help students explore the tools necessary to be a theatre student in college and the tools necessary to be a theatre artist after college. This course will provide an overview of careers in theatre and the entertainment industry. Students will be exposed to professional and educational resources, audition and interview techniques, and strategies for dealing with the challenges of a life in the arts such as how to budget and strategize when you are a freelance worker. Two class hours per week.
Students will be able to: 1. Take notes in class. 2. Ask crucial questions. 3. Use college resources and local culture and artistic resources. 4. Create a personal finance budget. 5. Locate and appropriately apply for industry related jobs. 6. Create a personal growth plan.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course