SPA 202 : Intermediate Spanish II

A continuation of SPA 201. Further grammar review based on readings and compositions. Intensive practice of spoken language. More advanced readings from Hispanic literature and culture. Frequent compositions and written exercises. Prerequisite: SPA 201 or four consecutive years of high school Spanish with a C average. Three class hours and one language lab hour per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Human Expression.
  1. Converse in a clearly participatory fashion.
  2. Initiate, sustain, and bring to closure a wide variety of communicative tasks.
  3. Express subjective attitudes with the appropriate use of the Subjunctive.
  4. Initiate and maintain a normal conversation based on daily events.
  5. Read and interpret more complex texts and discuss their contents.
  6. Explain the contents of audio and video materials.
7. Formulate own ideas about cultural similarities and differences in the Spanish speaking communities in the United States and the world.