SOC 253 : Environmental Sociology: Ecology and the Built Environment

This course is a survey course of contemporary environmental and social science theory, research and data analysis. It explores the social construction of reality, the role of the corporate and social media, as well as, public policy formation and its consequences for humanity, civilization and the biosphere. The course concludes with an analysis of creative responses to environmental crises and their impact in human consciousness, education, science, culture, society, social movements, social change, human rights, environmental, social and economic justice, and revolution. It explores alternatives to the old infinite growth model of economics and social organization. Three lecture hours per week. Fall, Spring


A passing score on the college's reading and English placement tests or C or better or concurrent enrollment in ENG 091, or ENG 092

  1. Explain the historical sociocultural, economic, political and scientific processes that led to the current environmental crises.
  2. Analyze the summary, interpretation, and explanation of empirical data. 
  3. Assess the possible outcomes of different policy decisions including their potential impact on their own lives, their community, and civilization as a whole.
  4. Demonstrate they have integrated ecological principles and concepts that foster a more ecologically grounded world view into their knowledge base.
  5. Produce individual and collective action plans for dealing with the crises of civilization.
  6. Invent individual and social coping strategies.