PRM 101 : Foundations of Project Management

This course covers the fundamentals of building a project plan that will lead to successful management of all projects from short term endeavors to long term complex programs. Using the Project Management Institute's Body of Knowledge handbook, students learn the principles, methodology and terminology of Project Management, with a focus on transferring the textbook learnings into practical, real-life applications. Topics will include scope, schedule and budget management, cultural differences, stakeholder management, conflict resolution and several additional topics to support a successful project. Three lecture hours per week.
1. Identify the elements of the Project Management life cycle. 2. Examine the role of a Project Manager including the importance of managing people and expectations. 3. Demonstrate the processes to build a thorough project plan. 4. Identify the key terms of Project Management. 5. Utilize basic tools and techniques to plan, organize, and manage a project. 6. Evaluate best outcomes based on risks and constraints. 7. Describe the career paths in the project management profession.