POR 353 : Interpreting Portuguese/English

This course examines the process of interpreting through hands-on experiences with both Portuguese and English as target and source languages in the process of interpreting. Starting with consecutive interpreting and ending with simultaneous interpreting, students apply interpreter theory, exercise process tasks, and practice fundamental interpreting skills and standards in a variety of simulated settings. Students discuss, develop, and practice strategies to deal with problematic linguistic and cross-cultural situations. Three lecture hours and one language laboratory hour per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. 3 credits Fall, Spring; Not offered every year
  1. Put into practice the standards and code of ethics for medical or legal interpreters.
  2. Use interpreting skills in a variety of medical or legal situations.
  3. Listen to tapes and provide oral translation into the target language (Portuguese or English).
  4. Interpret information given on the telephone or on site.
  5. Conduct consecutive interpreting.
  6. Conduct simultaneous intepreting.





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