POR 352 : Written and Sight Translation for English and Portuguese

This course focuses on the theory, process, and techniques of written and sight translation. Students engage in a variety of hands-on experiences with translation and editing. Materials may include government and other agency forms such as applications; reports; certificates; and school, social service, and medical documents. The course prepares students for practical, community-based translations. Students review the English and Portuguese skills necessary to produce clear and polished written and sight translations. Prerequisite: HUM 156. Three lecture hours per week. 3 credits Fall, Spring
  1. Apply professional standards for translations.
  2. Practice norms and guidelines from state agencies and professional organizations.
  3. Produce clear and polished written translation of all sorts of documents from the medical and legal fields (reports, documents from the Social Services ; medical follow-up instructions; medical forms, etc.).
  4. Engage in translation sub-skills, such as revising and editing.
  5. Translate common mainstream/community documents (forms, birth certificates, questionnaires, etc.).
6. Identify regional variations of medical and legal terminology.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course