PLS 230 : Criminal Law and Procedure

This course provides an overview of criminal law and procedures from the perspective of legal practitioners with special focus on the respective rights and duties of the defense and prosecution. It explains the fundamental basis and purpose of criminal law in our society and examines the major categories of crime from the common law through their modern codification. It also covers the development and present state of the law as it applies to arrest, search and seizure, statements by the accused and others, the right to counsel, trial proceedings and issues, sentencing, punishment, and appeal. Pre or Co-requisite: PLS 100. Three lecture hours per week.
1. Work with the district attorney and the police. 2. Prepare appropriate legal documents and correspondence. 3. Identify the major categories of crime. 4. Locate statutes dealing with crimes, defenses, and punishment. 5. Explain the Constitutional rights of the accused from pre-arrest through trial. 6. Explain the court process from arraignment through appeal.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course