PLS 105 : Law Office Management

This course will familiarize the student with the operations of a law office including establishing an understanding of basic management principles and concepts, personnel management, client relationship and communication skills, legal fees (timekeeping and billing practices), client trust funds and law office accounting, and office systems and technology. This course also familiarizes students with calendaring, docket control, and case management and records file management. Three lecture hours per week.
1. Acquire a baseline of knowledge and skills in law office technology for application in subsequent courses, internships and employment. 2. Apply management principles, technology and ethics relating to law office operations. 3. Implement use of technology in the management and administration of the law office. 4. Successfully perform conflict checks for typical law office fact situations. 5. Successfully perform docketing and calendaring. 6. Create time sheets and apply ethical principles to timekeeping and billing; prepare client billing documents. 7. Create and balance trust account ledgers.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course