OFC 268 : Media and Technology Tools

This course provides students with the media and technology skills required to support the needs of today's workforce. This is a project-based course where students will use Project Management web tools to plan, create, share, and schedule events: use Collaboration tools to facilitate and manage online meetings; use Presentation tools to share and collaborate as a group; use Resource Management tools for storage and tracking documents; Consensus Building tools for polling and question management. Students will also be introduced to applications for productivity and collaboration such as Office 365 Teams and Planner. Students participate in groups to collaborate in course assignments. Four lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee may apply.
1. Analyze information using project management tools. 2. Facilitate virtual meetings, screen sharing, video, and blogs using collaboration tools. 3. Utilize presentation tools. 4. Analyze cloud file storage for tracking and commenting. 5. Create surveys and polling questions using consensus-building tools. 6. Utilize Office 365 applications for productivity and collaboration.