OFC 260 : Business Writing and Communication

This course offers activity-based case studies to develop communication and soft skills with instructional tools to prepare students for the competitive information-age marketplace. Students will learn best practices and strategies for career success while developing professionalism, expert writing skills, and leading-edge digital research techniques for career success in today's workplace. The course will focus on composing business correspondence using critical thinking skills to produce clear, accurate, and timely written communication. Prerequisite: ENG 101 or permission of department chair. Three lecture hours per week. 3 credits Spring
1. Produce clear, accurate, and timely written communications. 2 . Identify communication barriers and ways to minimize them. 3. Compose effective business messages, requests, letters, reports, proposals, and press releases. 4. Develop responses to requests for information, complaints, and other communications. 5. Write persuasive sales messages, requests, claims, and collection messages. 6. Compose effective business proposals.





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