OFC 214 : Advanced Microsoft Word

This course focuses on document mastery and advanced word processing functions using Microsoft Word. Students advance to the expert level of word processing and apply functions to business correspondence, mail merges, memos, tables, complex reports, and newsletters. The course also includes graphic and design enhancement functions, which give students the skills they need to produce professional and appealing documents and business communications. A minimum speed of 40 wpm based on a supervised five-minute timing with five or fewer errors is required to receive a passing grade for the course. Three lecture hours per week. Fall, Spring


OFC 113 with a grade of C or better; OFC 117 with a grade of C or better; or permission of the department chair.
  1. Develop keyboarding speed to a minimum of 40 words per minute with no more than 5 errors for a 5-minute timing using the touch method (not looking at keyboard).
  2. Further develop the ability to follow oral and written instructions with advanced applications.
  3. Apply advanced word processing functions to create letters, including the use of mail merge; memos, including the use of templates; complex reports; tables; and newsletters with graphics.
  4. Manage text creation effectively using macros and forms.
  5. Use workgroup collaboration tools.
  6. Proofread documents for accuracy in form and content.