OFC 130 : Microsoft Office Word Specialist

This course focuses on practice and preparation for the Microsoft Office Certified Application Specialist exam by providing in-depth training through hands-on applications and critical thinking exercises. Students learn to create, edit, and format documents; apply styles and design; use spell checker and thesaurus; create headers, footers, and fields; manage documents; work with basic tables and formulas; use graphics and pictures; create footnotes and endnotes; and create mail merges. Three hours of lecture per week. Instructional Support Fee applies.
  1. Demonstrate the skills required for the Microsoft Office Certified Application Specialist Exam.
  2. Apply critical thinking skills, decision making skills, and creativity skills to reinforce collaborative learning.
  3. Create, edit, and format Word documents.
  4. Apply styles and design.
  5. Create headers, footers, and fields.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course