OFC 113 : Introduction to Microsoft Word

This course focuses on using Microsoft Word 2019 using the Office 365 application to create business documents and develop core-level competencies using Microsoft Office Specialist guidelines. Students apply developing skills to create business documents, reports, tables, and employment documents. The course includes intensive speed development drills to increase speed and accuracy. A minimum keyboard speed of 30 words per minute is required. Four lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies.
1. Demonstrate MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) core-level competencies. 2. Create business documents, reports, tables, and employment documents efficiently and with proper business formats. 3. Demonstrate proofreading accuracy, including proofreader’s marks. 4. Apply personalized learning and study skills that will enhance the student's college success. 5. Demonstrate a keyboarding speed to a minimum of 30 words per minute with no more than 3 errors for a 3-minute timing using the touch method. 6. Utilize oral and written instructions to complete course work.