NUR 203 : Trends in Nursing

This course provides opportunities for students to explore a variety of factors and issues which influence contemporary nursing practice. These include application of evidence based practice, leadership, management, and delegation concepts, role transition, community practice, and continued development into the nurse role. Co-requisite: NUR 202. Students must receive a C+ (77) or better in NUR 202 and NUR 203 to continue in the program. One lecture hour per week. Required Community Service Learning component.
  1. Analyze evidenced based practice (EBP) guidelines.
  2. Apply EBP guidelines to a health promotion activity.
  3. Evaluate concepts of leadership and management.
  4. Apply best practice delegation models to clinical situations.
  5. Select strategies to facilitate the role transition from student to registered nurse.
  6. Identify resources and activities for continued development in the nurse role.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course