MAS 200 : Medical Assisting Practicum and Theory

Students are assigned supervised clinical experiences to practice medical assisting duties and responsibilities learned in class and college laboratories. Various sites are utilized, including medical offices, outpatient clinics, laboratories, and surgical centers. The course includes a weekly seminar to correlate practice and theory and to develop workplace readiness practices. Prerequisite: HCI 124, HLT 102, MAS 122, MAA 103, MAS 102. This class includes 169 clinical and administrative practicum hours and 21 seminar hours; offered in the second half of the semester. Instructional Support Fee applies.
1. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Medical Assistant. 2. Discuss the role of other health care members in patient care. 3. Describe how the medical externship works. 4. Discuss the learning opportunities experienced at the clinical externship site. 5. List student responsibilities during the medical externship. 6. List the steps to prepare a resume and cover letter. 7. Discus the process for locating potential employers when looking for a job 8. Describe the questions and the most suitable answers used during job interviews. 9. Describe measures to prevent job burnout. 10. Discus the steps to preparing an oral presentation. 11. Explain how to prepare for job advancement or career change. 12. Describe the learning opportunities experienced in service-learning. 13. Prepare a resume and cover letter. 14. Successfully answer job interview question during mock interview. 15. Give an oral presentation using communication and critical thinking skills. 16. Journal reflective clinical and service-learning experiences. 17. Self-reflect and answer directed questions linking service-learning to course content 18. Successfully complete 10 hours of service-learning. 19. Successfully complete 166 hours of supervised unpaid clinical externship experience.





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