MTH 128 : Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers II

This course is a continuation of MTH 127. Topics include algebraic reasoning and representation, statistics, probability, geometry, and measurement. Prerequisite: a grade of C- or better in MTH 127. Three lecture hours per week.
Students who complete this course will: 1. Construct and work with algebraic expressions, functions, and equations and understand their connection with geometry 2. Illustrate and manipulate planar and spatial objects 3. Perform conversions using both the “English” and metric systems 4. Determine various measurements of geometric objects, such as area, perimeter and volume 5. Apply the concept of congruence to geometric figures, including triangles 6. Understand the basics of descriptive statistics, in both visual and numerical formats 7. Define probability and how it relates to both statistics and geometry 8. Solve counting problems involving the multiplication principle, permutations and combinations





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course