MAR 255 : Advertising Procedures

An introduction to advertising, including types of advertising, planning and preparation of advertising, and evaluation and selection of media. Recommend MAR 101 first. Three lecture hours per week.

Recommended Prerequisites:

1. Understand the role in which advertising and public relations plays in an organization’s communications plan and in today’s competitive global economy 2. Understand the processes companies use to develop and assess ad campaigns and media buying 3. Understand the various elements of an ad and their importance to supporting a company’s positioning of its products/services 4. Discuss the factors that affect the creation of ads, both from a creative, as well as a logistical standpoint 5. Identify target audiences, key messaging, copy content, and calls to action 6. Understand the various mediums that companies use to deliver their messages 7. Understand the role that public relation plays in today’s dynamic advertising campaigns and the relative importance of PR in shaping our perceptions of various companies 8. View ads differently and to begin asking yourself why companies are targeting you as a consumer with certain types of ads 9. Discuss and explore the various ethical issues relative to advertising, particularly our expectations as consumers 10. Identify and asses current advertising campaigns currently being used in the marketplace and discuss the effects on the individual company’s sales growth and brand development





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course