MAR 253 : Sales Management

The course is designed to provide students with the background that will enable them to be more effective managers at all levels in a firm. Emphasis is placed on the planning function of management involving methods used in sales analysis and planning. Principles of management as they relate to the sales organization are reviewed and sales management activities involved in maintaining an effective sales force are detailed. Prerequisite: C or better in MAR 101 and MAN 101 or permission of department chair. Three lecture hours per week.
Student Learning Objectives (Jon Bjornson and Nicole Hall) Upon successful completion of the course, students should have a basic understanding of: 1. The crucial role sales management plays within a business. 2. The field of sales force management. 3. The personal selling process 4. The principles of organizing, staffing, and training of a sales force. 5. The principles of directing sales force operations. 6. Sales forecasting and budgeting 7. Sales territories 8. Evaluating sales performance 9. Ethical and legal responsibilities of the Sales Manager Student Learning Objectives (April Lynch) 1. Realize the importance of sales management in meeting company’s revenue expectations, distribution strategies and market penetration goals. 2. Understand all elements of the personal selling process 3. Identify and apply all of the elements needed in a sales management plan including the organizing, directing, staffing and training of a sales force 4. Differentiating strategies for developing quotas and metrics used to create and measure the effectiveness of sales territories 5. Evaluating sales performance using a number of metrics 6. Understanding the ethical and legal responsibilities of sales managers 7. Applying the process of sales forecasting and budgeting when making staffing and sales territory decisions





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