MAR 114 : Sales Principles

This course focuses on the changing, dynamic nature of professional selling and the people who choose a career in it. The course emphasizes the salesperson, the company and sales techniques. Recommended: MAR 101 first. Three lecture hours per week.

Recommended Prerequisites:

1. Improve the understanding of personal selling as a major function within the marketing and promotional mix of an organization 2. Develop an understanding of identifying and profiling a target audience 3. Develop an understanding for effective prospecting and sales call planning 4. Develop skills to conduct an effective need assessment 5. Strengthen the knowledge of the principles of selling 6. Ethical and legal issues in relationship selling 7. Develop and understand value added selling 8. Develop an understanding of negotiation techniques 9. Understand the importance of communication in the selling process 10. Develop an understanding of value added selling Relationship selling