LGL 290 : Legal Studies Seminar

This capstone course prepares students for employment within the legal profession as a paralegal or legal administrative assistant. Skills in oral and written communication, using technology to find a job, problem solving, and working collaboratively will be enhanced. Each student will prepare an employment portfolio highlighting the achievement of program outcomes. Prerequisite: Completion of 12 credits of program courses or permission of the instructor. Three lecture hours per week.
  1. Compose and produce a professional resume for a legal career.
  2. Compose and produce cover letters and follow-up letters.
  3. Conduct research on legal careers using printed materials and electronic resources.
  4. Conduct research on prospective employers using electronic resources.
  5. Dress for success.
  6. Present oneself professionally in an interview.
  7. Take typical employment tests with confidence.
  8. Develop self-confidence in seeking employment and in working with others as part of a team.