LGL 282 : Legal Document Processing

This course presents the fundamentals of legal document preparation. Students develop the formatting and editing skills needed for processing a variety of both court and non-court legal documents commonly used in law offices. The course develops further keyboarding speed and accuracy. The course requires a minimum keyboarding speed of 40 wpm to pass the course. Three lecture hours per week. Spring


OFC 113 and OFC 117 with a grade of C or better or permission of the instructor.
  1. Talk in general about professional associations to which they might belong and to be specifically aware of the advantages of membership in NALS—the association for legal professionals.
  2. Understand the process for seeking ALS, PLS, and/or PP certification – professional certifications offered through NALS for basic certification [ALS], advanced certification [PLS], or professional paralegal certification [PP].
  3. Perform legal office functions, i.e., receptionist duties, mail, telephone, scheduling appointments, calendaring, copying, faxing, e-mailing, preparing letters and memos, etc.
  4. Understand the ethical standards required by the legal profession and be able to apply them within the work setting.
  5. Use Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel in performing legal office functions.