HUM 291 : Honors Seminar in Postmodern Studies

This interdisciplinary humanities course introduces postmodern theory as it applies to contemporary popular art, architecture, literature, philosophy, music, film, and the Web. Considered as both a reaction to modernism and an extension of American civil rights and counterculture movements, postmodern texts challenge culturally oppressive notions of Absolute Truth through the practice of deconstruction . Students create a final project that may be showcased at a state-wide conference. Practitioners may include The Beatles, Jorges Luis Borges, Caryl Churchill, Don Delillo, Jacques Derrida, Matt Drudge, Philip Glass, Michael Graves, Marshall McLuhan, Camille Paglia, Suzi-Lori Parks, Art Spiegelman, and Andy Warhol. Competency Met: Multicultural Perspective (5.3); Ethical Dimensions (7.0). Three hours of lecture per week. Fall


Enrollment in the Commonwealth Honors Program or permission of the instructor.
    Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:
  1. Become conversant with postmodern discourse: its language, art, theory and thinkers
  2. Distinguish a modern text from that of a postmodern text
  3. Understand how postmodernism was borne out of the civil rights and counter culture movements of the 1960’s
  4. Apply postmodern theory to a variety of texts and genres from popular culture
  5. Demonstrate the ability to deconstruct a “text”
  6. Understand the ethical dimensions of flattening hierarchies
  7. Produce a work of multi-media art/discourse which embodies the tenets of postmodernism




Instructional support fee applies.