HUM 157 : Old Testament

This course examines the major books of the Old Testament from historical, literary, and philosophical perspectives and through a variety of critical lenses. Its influence on literature, film, theater, and global culture will be considered as well as its relevance to the modern secular world. Three lecture hours per week. Competency met: Human Expression. Fall


1. Explain the ways in which the text has shaped cultural identities around the world and contributed to systems of oppression.
2. Appraise the philosophical and literary merits of the Old Testament and materials inspired by it.
3. Illustrate how the Old Testament reflects a variety of philosophical perspectives and illuminates the complexities of the human condition.
4. Compose literary analyses of the text using a variety of theoretical perspectives.
5. Distinguish between biblical literary genres.
6. Link the biblical literary genres to the significant time periods in which they were written.