HUM 101 : Human Expression Across Time and Space

HUM 101 introduces students to the development of different types of human expression - including art, architecture, literature, theater, music, and philosophy - from around the globe from prehistorical times to the present. Students will also explore motivations for, similarities and differences among, and changes in the different types of human expression. Students will consider how the various types inform one another, shape society, and are shaped by society. Pre or co-requisite(s): ENG 101 or instructor permission. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Human Expression, Information Literacy and Multicultural and Social Perspectives.
1. Build and demonstrate vocabulary and concepts relating to the humanities disciplines, including art, architecture, music, theater, philosophy, and literature. 2. Develop an awareness of the interdisciplinary nature of issues within the humanities 3. Recognize how the humanities disciplines respond to and reflect the historical contexts of time, place, environment, technology, Earth, and social condition 4. Identify and relate themes of power, oppression, and justice to course materials and society 5. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a society or culture outside of the United States 6. Interpret the humanities using critical thinking and disciplined reasoning in a variety of formats including written and oral communication 7. Utilize college centers and resources





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