SER 291 : Field Experience and Seminar I

Fieldwork placement allows students to gain direct and supervised on-the-job experience in the human services field. Theories relevant to social services are tested in the reality of actual agency practice and are further analyzed in a classroom-based and/or Web-based discussion seminar. All fieldwork placements are arranged with and approved by the program director. Prerequisite: SER 290 or permission of the program director. A minimum of 12 and a maximum of 16 contact hours per week (total of 125 supervised agency hours) in an approved fieldwork agency and up to 2 hours of seminar/discussion each week. Instructional Support Fee applies.
In general, students will learn to successfully function as an entry-level professional human services worker in an agency setting chosen according to their future career and/or educational interests.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course